Since I’m due in about 3 weeks I decided to share with you guys what’s in my hospital bag and what I think will be the essentials during labour and my stay in hospital. I am planning to breastfeed and have a natural birth so some of the products I have included won’t necessarily be essential items for mums who have planned differently


Maternity Pads

Booby cream

Gel Breast pads

Breastfeeding supplements


Travel sized shampoo & conditioner

Body wash

Tooth brush & Tooth paste


Hand sanitizer

Lip balm

Hair ties/ scrunchie

Hair brush


2x Rompers

2x Onesies

Muslin wrap

Little tiny socks

Nappy rash cream


A pair of winter and summer pyjamas

1x crop top bra

2x nursing bras

4x pairs of comfortable underwear

Dressing gown/ robe

Slippers/ Slides/ thongs

Pillow ( I can’t sleep without my pillow)

Comfortable everyday dress for leaving hospital


Portable phone charger

Lollies and snacks


The first attempt at packing the hospital bag failed because I included unnecessary things such as a blanket, face mists and serums, perfume etc. These extras just cluttered my bag up and I know for a fact I wouldn’t end up using them anyway. The hospital also provides nappies, wipes and wraps

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