Lately I’ve been seeing rose quarts face rollers pop up on my Instagram feed and after doing some research into this fad I found that apparently this claims to benefit your skin in a number of ways including; Boosting circulation, De-puff skin, improve elasticity, tightens skin, has spiritual benefits and enhances nourishment. I decided to purchase one of these face rollers and put it to the test on my skin and my mothers skin for a week and record the results to see if this made a difference to our skin, how it performs and if this could be used routinely in my nighttime skincare routine.

According to the Mecca Memo post on Hollywood facialist Angela Caglias At-Home Facial, You are meant to cleanse the skin, apply serum, roll the face roller around eyes, cheeks, neck and forehead in outward motions for about 3-5 minutes then apply moisturiser.

For this week, mum and I will use the rose quarts face roller every night before bed and will be using the Korres White Tea Facial Cleanser to cleanse the face, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair as a serum, then use the rose quartz face roller I purchased from eBay for $12 because I can’t justify spending $95 on the one from Mecca and the Sukin Calming Night Cream after rolling the face as a moisturiser. Hopefully we will wake up with amazing glowing skin.

DAY 1 – Saturday

First time using the face roller, was nice and cool on my skin and very refreshing. I used outwards strokes from the center of my face out to the hairline, starting with my under eyes, fore head then neck. Applied abit or pressure for my first time which caused redness on my cheeks.

Feedback from mum, was a nice gentle way to massage face. Relieving tension and stress from jawline and sinus. After using for a few minutes, face felt light and relaxed.

DAY 2 – Sunday

When I woke up, my cheeks were still red and my face was noticeably smoother and plumper. I think I applied abit too much pressure the night before which caused the redness so tonight I was a lot more gentle and very lightly gliding the face roller across my face. I found there was some tension in my eyebrows and it was very relaxing to stroke the face roller around that area. I still however found redness on the apples of my cheeks so I think it’s probably normal for redness to occur since you are practically rolling a rock hard stone across your face.

Mum, once again, said that it was very relaxing and great to use as a therapy for de-stressing especially after a long day of work. She soon fell asleep on the lounge afterwards.

DAY 3- Monday

Today I woke up with a pimple on my forehead which I think is a result of my unhealthy diet for the past few days ( I was eating pizza and cheesy garlic bread for the past two days for lunch) and I tried to pop it and it went red and gross.

Tonight I focused mainly on my forehead to see if the rose quartz face roller could stimulate the blood flow around that area and probably help heal the pimple. We will see the results in the morning.

DAY 4- Tuesday

Okay so the pimple has definitely healed and all that’s noticeable is just dry red skin. I’m not too sure if this was healed due to the rose quartz face roller or the serums and products I used on my skin but the pimple definitely healed a lot overnight.

I have also noticed that my under eyes look a lot more healthier than they were before I started using the face roller and they have tightened the slightest if that makes sense. when I would do my makeup and conceal my under eyes, the foundation and concealer products would crease under my eyes because of a little bit of loose skin and now I have noticed that area has tightened abit and I don’t get creasing in my under eyes as much.

DAY 5- Wednesday

So I’ve decided to change this from a nighttime routine to rolling my face every morning because I feel like waking up and rolling my face will be super relaxing and set a positive vibe for the day. I focused on and above my eyebrows which I feel has most the most tension on my face.

(You can find my morning skincare routine in the beauty category on my homepage ❤ )

Mum has forgotten to roll her face at night a few times because she is a very tired lady. She has been rolling her face in the morning now and says it’s great for relaxation and de-puffing skin of a morning.

DAY 6- Thursday

Today I rolled my face for a good 5 minutes and felt very rejuvenated and motivated for the day. I decided to wear makeup today as I was heading out of the house and noticed my skin feels a lot more smoother especially around my cheek area. My eyes are definitely appearing more wider and awake, not sluggish and droopy from pregnancy and you really can’t tell I’ve been up from 2am trying to get to sleep while I get kicked in the ribs by little feet.

DAY 7- Friday

I definitely feel like a boujee princess waking up of a morning and doing my skincare routine and rolling my face.This really does help you get in a good mind frame to tackle the day. Today I rolled for about 3 minutes and noticed some redness on my cheeks again but this was easily covered up with foundation.

Overall I believe this technique would be a great tool to use for a lymphatic drainage massage because the face roller stimulates the skin, relaxes and gently pushes out toxins. At first I didn’t have high hopes for this and thought it was just another fad but actually trying this tool and including it in my nighttime and morning routine really showed results for both my mum and I. I was very surprised when I woke up with soft feeling skin and noticeably healthy looking skin especially around my eyes. This tool was indeed very very relaxing and therapeutic to use and I am confident to say it did help with my skincare the slightest but nothing drastically changed. The skin feels rejuvenated, light and healthy after use and long term it stimulates blood flow which I believe helps make the skin appear a lot more healthier.

Mum found that the coolness of the rock was very relaxing on her face and believes it helped her sinuses to clear up. She doesn’t think this will help with pimples or acne but says it definitely stimulates blood flow around the face.

From what results I’ve seen by testing a rose quartz face roller for a week, I am confident to say I will be including this in my new and updated morning skincare routine and I would recommend using this to my friends and family. Although, after gathering information about this product from a range of different online beauty stores, I found that the prices for a rose quartz face roller were pretty expensive for my budget with some selling for $50+. It’s up to you on how you spend your money but I purchased mine from eBay for $12.

I hope you guys liked my review and let me know in the comments below if you would like me to review other beauty products 🙂 ❤️

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