Since falling pregnant earlier this year, I have learnt a lot through this amzing  life changing experience and I was given some great advice from those close to me while picking up a few tips myself. Here i would love to share 10 tips for pregnancy to make your pregnancy a whole lot easier!

  • PREGNANCY MULTIVITAMIN TABLETS – My greatest advice to any pregnant woman is to take pregnancy multivitamins before, during and even after pregnancy. Taking pregnancy vitamins will benefit you and your body along with the whole process of your pregnancy from contraception,the development and breastfeeding.  Pregnancy vitamins are full of everything you need to grow a healthy baby including; iodine, folic acid, iron, vitamin c, calcium and magnesium depending on what brand you choose.


  • OIL YOUR TUMMY – In order to prevent stretch marks, I highly recommend using an oil or vitamin serum like Rose hip oil,Camelia Seed oil, and Apricot Kernel oil  because Oils are proven to replenish skin cells which avoids the skin stretching all together. Also during pregnancy you will begin to notice your belly become very itchy as it grows and instead of scratching the itch I recommend just rubbing oil on your belly.


  • EAT FIBRE – Eat as much fibre as you can throughout your whole pregnancy, even more in breastfeeding, because fibre helps the bowels function smoothly, avoiding constipation, prevents and manages diabetes and lowers blood cholesterol levels. It is reccomended to eat a daily intake of 25g-28g of fibre everyday during pregnancy and 30g a day while breastfeeding. Great high fibre snacks include muesli and yoghurt, dried fruit, baked beans, rye bread, potatoes and bran. 


  • BUY WIRELESS BRAS – As my breast size increased and my bra became extremely tight, I would take regular shopping trips to my local clothes store and some great advice the bra fitting ladies gave me was to buy wireless bras because not only are wired bras uncomfortable at times, they may interfere with the natural changes and shape of your breasts and obstruct blood flow which affects the developing milk duct system.39254973_292349481595635_4855647049967730688_n.jpg


  • TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES –  You will cherish the moments you carried your little one for the rest of your life so i really advise you take loads of photos of that bump!. Tracking your pregnancy bump each week also makes a cute memory collage and maybe one day you can show your little one what you looked like while they were growing inside you ❤


  • MOISTURISE LADY BITS – If you are planning to give birth vaginally, i recommend moisturising your lady bits downstairs to prevent the skin from tearing. You can use an organic pad and apply aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil or vitamin E as a moisturiser and try to avoid these being inserted into the vagina as it can cause irritation.


  • DRINK PREGNANCY TEA – Try investing in a pregnancy tea that contains raspberries and nettle herbs as these are proven to improve your uterus and contractions during labour which helps labour be faster and abit easier.39174727_941743172684582_7343184879657418752_n


  • EAT FOODS HIGH IN CALCIUM – As your baby develops during pregnancy, your little one takes all your calcium from your bones and teeth which can result in bleeding gums. Having that extra bit of calcium in our diet can help a lot with this issue.Some great foods high in calcium include Yoghurt, cheese, tofu and milk.


  • DONT BUY MATERNITY CLOTHES JUST YET- Its unpredictable how big our baby will grow so i advise you don’t spend a fortune on maternity clothes just yet and buy them as you grow. I know women who have invested in just a pair of maternity tights throughout their whole pregnancy and worn dresses and oversized/ partners  shirts. Some great styling ideas include a fitted dress ( to show that bump) paired with a jacket or jumper over the top, A fitted skirt and tied tee, overalls and a tee and tights and oversized shirt.


  • AVOID CERTAIN FOODS – I never knew certain foods pose a health risk to the baby so it pays off to know what foods you can and can’t consume. Foods to avoid during pregnancy include; High mercury fish, undercooked or raw fish and meat, processed meat, raw eggs, caffeine, unwashed produce, unpasteurised milk,cheese and fruit juice, alcohol, processed junk food. 39053810_652105045172160_4829114167942184960_n.jpg

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