If you are like me and loveee aesthetics in your home, you will know that by creating the perfect coffee table decor changes your whole living room space. By simply adding a few books, flowers and even a candle, this will create a whole new atmosphere and make your boring old coffee table look a lot more interesting. I have included a few photos of my coffee table designs and i hope you guys enjoy.

The ultimate secret to creating the perfect coffee table space is dimension. You want to include tall  items such as a vase, flowers, tall standing candle etc. Medium height standing items like a sculpture, box, table candle and short or flat items like books and trays.


Keeping it minimal can also take it a long way! you don’t want to clutter your space with a lot of interesting pieces. A few flat books with a glass/silver vase full of white flowers look absolutely amazing yet this design technique is so simple. Depending on what style you are going for whether it be classic, nature or modern, adding a vase with flowers or a house plant to your coffee table adds dimension and interest. If you are going for a classic look, a vase with flowers will look great!. Plants such as Air Plants look amazing in modern and nature spaces and are easy to maintain.

Candles create a relaxing vibe to any home so by adding these to your coffee table you can too. Theres nothing better than dimmed lights, a lit candle, tea or hot chocolate and a movie.

A coffe table book also makes a whole lot of difference. A few of my favourites in my home include, How to be Parisian wherever you are by Anne Berest. Not only does this book give off an aesthetically pleasing look, its also such a great funny book and is defiantly one of my all time favourites. Another all time favourite of mine is Wall and Piece by Banksy. As you guys already know, i absolutely love street art and I even purchased this book intending to use this for information for my final HSC project but it became a coffee table book instead. Its great just to sit down with some hot tea and flick through this book and appreciate the amazing and rebellious pieces. A great fitness and wellbeing book that is a must is INSPIRED by Lorna Jane Clarkson. I purchased this book for its amazing and inspiring content and in my spare, i love to read the healthy recipes and workouts. The hardback copy of Food I Love by chef Neil Perry is also a  beautiful coffee table book and cookbook for those chefs at home.

Other popular coffee table books include Tom Ford By Tom Ford , My Bucket List by Axel and Ash, Lonely Plannets Beautiful World Edition 1 by Lonely Planet,and Perfect Imperfect by Karen Mcartney

There are really no rules on coffee table designing so go crazy with your ideas! i hope this has helped you guys get an insight on my ideas and i would love to see yours!

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