Adding mirrors to a wall allows any room to become lighter, brighter and seem a lot bigger than what it really is. This technique is used in display homes to create an amazing first impression on home buyers. Ever wondered why those display homes looked so great! Now you can use this technique to make your space look like one of those beautiful display homes.


Hanging a mirror to a hallway or foyer gives the illusion of an enlarged space by reflecting light around the room. This not only looks great but creates a great first impression when you walk into any home.


Adding two hanging mirrors above each bedside table creates symmetry and enlarges any bedroom. I learnt this by watching Rebecca from Robesons Design on youtube and after implementing this in my own home i swear by this technique as it really makes such a big difference.


As an art lover, hanging artworks or my own art in my home is an essential. It allows any old boring wall become more interesting and pleasant. Also hanging pictures of family portraits or memories creates a homely vibe for those at your home and is a loving way to showcase your memories with your beloved family.


You can hang a massive painting in the living or dining room or create a small gallery of family photos or little prints. I would generally hang a gallery of art or photos on the hallway wall if a mirror isn’t already dominating the space. You could hang a piece above your bed head to allow the bedroom to become a more interesting space.



Another great way to spice up your walls is hanging a clock. Not only does this help time management, but the right clock can pull a whole room together. I generally love roman numeral clocks compared to numbered clocks because i feel like its a classic and timeless  style. Clocks often look great at an entrance, dining room or in the kitchen.


In our living room, we have a Gold painted feature wall that came with the house. At first I absolutely hated it but after putting in the right furniture to compliment the feature wall, it really ties the whole room together and i can’t imagine our living room without the feature wall.


Adding wallpaper to a baby nursery creates a cute, fun feel to the room and your little one will grow up loving this. Another great place to add a feature wall to spice up the room is the bathroom. a beautiful marble wall would look absolutely amazing or even a daring, unique tile from celling to floor.

By simply adding a feature wall or a stylish wallpaper design, you can transform any wall and room to look a hundred times more amazing. Although trends go in and out of fashion, I would personally pick a timeless classic colour that you won’t hate in a few years.



Adding shelving to a wall not only looks aesthetically pleasing but creates storage in any room. I typically love hanging shelving because it makes a room look cleaner and can be used as a technique to showcase items. You could hang shelving in the kids bedroom for books or toys etc and hang perfumes, handbags and shoes in the wardrobe or bedroom.



For book lovers who have hundreds or thousands of books, Adding a bookshelf or library wall is great to fill a wall space and allows storage and quick access to your books. In our home, we have a bookcase filled with cookbooks in the dining room which fits perfectly on the wall.


Adding an indoor pot plant or hanging plant to a wall or corner in any room creates character and an urban, nature, indoor jungle vibe. This would look great in a sunroom or an entrance.Some beautiful indoor plants I especially love include;


Madagascar Dragon Tree, this beautiful low maintenance tree looks great in modern homes. As this plant needs sunlight, I would place near a window and give this baby a good soak every month


Air Plants, These cute little popular plants can be found in the hottest restaurants and design expos. The reason they are so popular apart from their cuteness? you don’t have to water them as much! a quick mist or water once in a while is enough for these little guys and they make a great wall feature. These guys look great placed in glass or a hanging  terrarium.


Aloe vera, Probably the most popular plant because of its healing properties for cuts and burns, Aloe Vera is a beautiful manageable house plant thats easy to maintain. Place in direct sunlight and water every week or two.

I hope my decor for walls ideas have helped my lovelies! ❤

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