One of the most important steps in order to achieve a flawless makeup look is to prep your skin before applying makeup. By following these steps and implementing them in your skincare routineI will 100% guarantee you will notice a huge difference in your makeup game. I usually prep my skin half an hour before applying my makeup which will allow time for the products to soak into my skin so it doesn’t feel like theres a hundred thousand greasy products sipping around on my face. Below I will list the steps that I follow and the products that I use.

WASH YOUR FACE – This is a must as soon as you wake up because not only does it refresh your face, it also wakes you up and prepares you for the day! Use a facial cleanser to help get rid of any excess dirt or oil that may have built up on your skin. I use KORRES White Tea Fluid Gel Face Cleanser because It feels so nice on my skin and removes all dirt and makes me skin feel amazing and smooth after washing off.

TONE TONE TONE – After cleansing, I highly recommend using an alcohol- free face toner because toners that contain alcohol often dry the face out and can be harsh on some types of skin. To use a toner, simply apply a few drops onto a cotton face pad or tissue and swipe over face. I use the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner and I love this because it doesn’t strip my skins natural moisturisers and it dries really quick

SERUM – Applying a serum is optional but is generally used to target fine lines, spots and wrinkles. Since I have very young skin I don’t normally apply serum everyday but when I have the time, I will apply VITAMIN C Skin Boost Instant Smoother from the body shop because it smells so good and I feel really boujee applying it for some reason

MOISTURISE – Before I ever adapted a skincare routine into my everyday life I thought moisturing my face would make it more oily and mess up my makeup! I was so wrong! Applying moisturiser changes your whole face game and makes your face look fresh and dewy. This is an essential in preparing your skin before applying makeup and when you adapt this in your skincare routine you too will see the difference. Believe me!. I use either the Neutrogena Oil- Free Moisture for sensitive skin in the Winter months and the Neutrogena Oil- Free Moisture SPF 15 in the Summer months

PRIME- For most people, primer is optional but I use the Marc Jacobs coconut primer everyday because It not only smells so great but it’s also essential to improve coverage and allows your foundation to last longer on the skin

I hope this has helped you guys to adapt a daily skincare routine into your everyday lives and remeber to examine your skin and use the products suitable for your skin. Let me know down below if you would like me to make a post about which products you should use on each skin type!

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